After the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the announcement of full implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program on 2017. We have been receiving lots of questions from registered Filipino Nurse professionals who are currently working abroad. Starting January 2018, Professional Nurse are mandatory to complete and submit the required CPD units before renewing license. They are worried now on how could they renew their license since it would be difficult for them to get CPD units abroad and most training providers overseas are not accredited by PRC. They are asking if CME accepted or approved by PRC.

Continuing medical education(CME) consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance by the medical practitioner such as Nurse and Physician in abroad.

Based on the Compliance CPD Nurses Law implemented january 2018, OFWs can still earn CPD units even if they are abroad. Registered and licensed OFW professionals can take self-directed learning offered by non-accredited CPD providers (either face to face or online) and such other activities to be recommended by the CPD council and approved by the board and the commission. In this case, credit units to be earned will be evaluated first by the CPD council.

Therefore, CME or seminars abroad are self-directed learning offered by non-accredited providers but still subject for approval by PRC. According to PRC, there’s no required CPD units for this year 2018 for OFW’s, but in succeeding year they need 60 CPD units.

CPD Units in OFW

In addition to that, academic track can also be used for CPD units. Earned academic units of registered professionals who took master’s degree and doctorate degree can be used for license renewal though this shall only be credited once during the compliance period at least 5 years valid for conferment of Diploma/Certificate.

CPD Units in OFW

You can download CPD-FAQs1418.pdf from PRC for more info.


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